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Why Should You Choose Our Law Firm To Handle Your Disability Claim? 
No Attorney Fee Unless We Win Your Benefits, in Regular Disability Cases 

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1. We Encourage You To Discuss With Us, Our Record Of Success in such claims, as we believe that it is probably the most important indicator — for you as the consumer of attorney services — to decide which attorney to have representing you in your disability claim. Our own research shows that many disability attorneys and law firms avoid talking about their actual success (or “win”) rate, and that some of them choose to wait to put their full effort into claims until late — when they reach the hearing level, thus making claims weaker.  While each claimant’s case may be different from others, and while the result in any particular case cannot be guaranteed by any attorney (attorneys are prohibited from doing so), we feel that the attorney’s success rate is a good indicator of how much effort and tenacity has actually, routinely gone into his or her handling of such claims. 

For example, you would surely choose a doctor who routinely, correctly diagnoses his patients’ real medical problems, instead of one who only sometimes reaches accurate diagnoses.  Since the very same rules and methods (all established and controlled by SSA) apply to all attorneys doing such cases and their fees, why not “get the most for your money” when choosing an attorney.   We can provide you with references — prior clients who tell what they think of how we handled their cases and treated them as clients.   

2.  Incidentally, almost all cases are handled on a contingent-fee basis — meaning that there is no fee due unless the attorney wins your claim for you, and the percentage fee is extremely low compared to attorneys working on a contingent fee basis in any other area of law (such as Personal Injury cases). In other words, Social Security Disability lawyers are relatively inexpensive, and their fees almost always come out of the moneys that they win for you, but far less of it than, for example, personal Injury attorneys. By the way, Social Security established and completely controls the system of attorney fees for disability cases, so all attorneys in this type of law work under the same rules and system and limits as to their fees.

3.  We will educate, guide and assist you in all phases of your claim(s), including the completing of all such questionnaires and forms in the most effective and claim-supportive manner. We will guide you through the confusion and pitfalls that await claimants as they confront this huge federal agency (Social Security Administration, “SSA”) which consistently denies benefits to a very large number of claimants!  We will properly and timely handle all necessary appeals as your claim moves from one phase to the next on the usual road to winning such claims. We will teach you how to most effectively interact with your various medical and / or psychological treating sources, to build the medical record supporting your claim. 

In addition, we will assist your doctors and other sources to effectively report on the functional deficits and limitations that are the result of your various medical and / or psychological conditions or impairments.  We will handle all phases of your claim(s), including effective, timely appeals at each step at which SSA may try to deny your claim. We will prepare your medical record to get the most effective support from it, and we will extensively prepare you (and usually an observing witness of yours) for your appearance at the formal Hearing with a Judge, that most claimants must have in order to win their disability claims.

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