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Social Security Disability

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About The Social Security Disability System:
The Social Security Disability (“SSDI” or “DIB”) program, and Supplemental Security Income ("SSI") program (SSI is a kind of welfare for disabled people who may not qualify for DIB), are highly complex, difficult to win, and often terribly frustrating for non-experts, non-attorneys (like disabled claimant-applicants) to deal with.  Just as most car owners who are not auto mechanics, could not be expected to repair by themselves their own complex, computerized cars. Most DIB and SSI claimants are overwhelmed and often defeated by the many complicated parts, forms, required evidence and communications that are a needed part of their disability cases. 

For example, claimants are required to complete a series of lengthy and complicated questionnaires, and forms (or possibly some phone calls) about themselves, their medical conditions, symptoms, functional capacities, activities of daily living, etc.  Most claimants (non-attorneys) fall victim to giving incomplete, ineffective or even harmful responses to such forms or calls, which bad responses then confront those claimants all the way through to their formal hearings before Social Security’s Administrative law judges. 
For one, claimants do not know the ways in which SSA and its agents often misinterpret what claimants say. The advantages of complete and competent representation by our firm immediately address such problems, and many others, as we protect your interests and put all of our experience and knowledge into fighting to win benefits for you and possibly your family as well.

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